Press Reset | Starting from NOW

"Life doesn't come with a reset button. Start fresh from where you are NOW."
~C. Nzingha

Happy first day of 2013! I'm excited at how bright the future looks. I'm starting the year off with a bright smile and a renewed determination to WIN! Please read the previous post, "My Prayer for 2013" as I hope it will be a blessing to you and speak to your dreams and goals for the year ahead! 

It's been a few years since I started this blog. When I first started, it was a place of  recording "Cdot Randomness", thoughts and experiences while I navigated through the maze of life. Getting a bit more focused and intentional, I then began to write "Words to Move us Forward", where I blogged from an inspirational quote and gave insight on how to keep moving forward despite the obstacles we face on the paths to our dreams. 

Looking ahead and getting laser sharp this year, I am going to focus on "Right Communication" going forward. There are three things I discovered I'm insanely passionate about: love, communication (the written word) and food.
So, I'm going to hit the imaginary "reset" button and create content which deals specifically in the area of proper communication. The subject topics might range from life, family, love, business and self, but the root of all posts will shed light on the communication techniques we use and whether or not they warrant the results you desire and if not, how to change them. Love & relationships is a popular topic and because V-day will be approaching shortly, I am going to focus on "Communicating in Love" to start us off.

Check the navigation bar for new pages which will include me sharing my favorite things, including recipes, events, books and the like. New items, upcoming events, and other updates will be noted on the side panel. Join my mailing list and get special promotions on upcoming titles, discounts on partner products and services and other perks. Join in the discussion by leaving your comments and let me know if there are any topics you want to see included on "Communicating in Love."

We are starting 2013 fresh from NOW. I hope you enjoy the content and will engage me in thought and insight as we help each other do better daily. "Right communication changes everything. Change your words, change your life."

With Gratitude,

~C. Nzingha