Happy New Year | My 2013 Prayer

Happy New Year!! I speak wonderful blessings of overwhelming abundance, love, joy, peace, good physical, emotional and spiritual health and daily sanity into our lives this year! Be grateful at all times for everything. I pray the gifts that have lied dormant inside of us, be stirred up, that we will take them and bless others. Most of all I pray we learn to love this year as we've never loved before, with our entire being, unconditionally as God loves us.  I pray we will be open to the possibilities and dream with the innocence of a child. I pray a covering of protection over us & our children and that we prioritize better this year and really pour into the people [first] and things [second] that matter most in our lives. I pray we learn how to live and not just survive. I pray we pray for each other like never before and keep each other covered in the times ahead. We need each other. Period.

P.S. Don't ever give up! You're are closer than ever before! Keep going! There are exciting things ahead and in store if you can just keep pushing forward!

With Love & Gratitude for you,

~C. Nzingha