Quote of the Week- C. Nzingha Smith

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, therefore I did, I do, I will." 
C. Nzingha Smith

The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper was one the first books I read as a child. It's still one of my favorites. The story illustrates the lessons of will power, hard work, never giving up and believing in yourself. The little blue engine was given a job of pulling a large stranded train over a hill, a task looked at as impossible for it do to by others and a job the larger engines refused. The little engine's attitude was, "I think I can." The little engine puffed up the hill slowly repeating to itself, "I think I can, I think I can" over and over until it reached the hill's peak. Afterwards it repeated, "I thought I could, I thought I could" as it celebrated it's achievement of completing the impossible task.

Before the little engine could face the uphill battle, he first had to think and believe in his own mind he was able to do it. Only after he believed, encouraged himself and began the task did others begin to believe he could be successful at it as well. It's amazing how clearly this translates to my life, my career and my faith walk now. First it took me to believe in myself and my ability to succeed as a writer and author. Secondly, I had to aggressively begin to put in the work. As I begin to feel resistance on this uphill battle, my will power is what keeps me chugging. I am not over the hill yet, but I am being persistent and success is the only option, so there is no giving up.

The biggest lesson I'm learning now is I had the process backwards when I spoke about my dreams, goals and aspirations getting started. I wanted the support of people. I wanted my own cheer squad complete with pom-poms and uniforms that donned Team CdotSmith on the shirts. I was looking for other's will power to get me through, for them to believe and encourage me so I could skate on their enthusiasm. Commercial break; it didn't happen. The few people I shared my dreams with looked at me in disbelief and sympathy. I was the very unimpressive picture of the underdog. Thankfully, I use this as fuel to get to where I am going faster rather than discouragement.

I stopped talking. Literally. I went into a hole and stayed there until I came out with evidence of my relentless desire in my hand. Today, I still remain silent for the most part. I use my time of solitude to realign with myself, encourage myself, exercise my belief and work out my will power. I'm in training for the fight of my life. The hard "no's", the rejections, the snide comments and the up and down tempo and payday of a writer and author starting out without celebrity parents or a reality star reputation behind me.

However, having dreams cost you and you have to be willing to pay the price for seeing those dreams come true. Like the little blue engine, I think I can and because of this initial belief, I did, I do and I will. Period. I made the decision and once you have the momentum it's easier to keep going forward than it is to turn back. Only after you believe in yourself, begin to put in the work, show your will power and stick-to-it-tiveness, will others join the party and act like they've been there all the time. It's cool though, don't be bitter, they're making you better. You needed to exercise your strength and build your muscle because it is imperative for you to have the characteristics of the little blue engine in order to reach your goals no matter how big or ginormous they are. You can do it! "I think you can". *smile* and go hard this week!

~C. Nzingha