Quote of the Week- Nike

"Yesterday, you said tomorrow. Just Do It." Nike

Today is the tomorrow you referred to yesterday in which you said you were going to start. In the words of Nike, "Just Do It." Everyone knows the infamous slogan. Simple, yet profound. A call to action. A reminder that nothing is going to happen until you act. There is no getting around doing it. You won't know until you try. There is no failure but in not trying at all. 

All this sounds familiar, but we still procrastinate, we still make excuses, we still find ways to delay and put off the inevitable. Yes, you know you should have started "it" a while ago, but for whatever reason, your tomorrow keeps getting pushed back. Still working out the kinks, still trying to think it through, waiting until the perfect time to begin.

Reality check, there is no perfect time, the only way to work out the kinks is to begin, constantly thinking about it only gives you more time to make excuses and try to find ways out of it. It would be much simpler to "just do it". Get out of your head, don't talk yourself out of it again, simply begin doing it. Whatever "it" is, stop putting it off. Don't wait until tomorrow, today is the tomorrow you said you were going to start doing it. So, no more delays, no more dragging your feet. The energy used to procrastinate could be used getting it done. The sooner you get it done, the sooner you get to bask in your accomplishment, celebrate and begin again. I encourage you as I am encouraging myself this week to "just do it".

Are you a chronic procrastinator? How do you justify never beginning? Let me know your thoughts.

C. Nzingha