An Unanswered Prayer- Poem

An Unanswered Prayer

You say I'm the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with...
Do you even know who I am?
I am an unanswered prayer.
I ask you one qualifying question... Have you prayed for me?
When you go to God to inquire about me, you have considered me in advance,
you're prepared for me and have detailed instructions on how I operate,
I will not be a stranger because God will reveal to you my heart.
When you pray for me, it shows you have your own intimate relationship with God, and when I break down, you will not go to friends and family,
but you will go back to my creator for a look at the owner's manual.
When you've prayed for me it means God has searched your heart,
taking you through a rigorous screening process that you must pass,
first asking His permission to court me as I am his daughter, precious in His sight.
When you have prayed for me, it will be God who gets my attention because I won't notice you as I am busy doing His work.
When you have prayed for me, I can trust and follow you where you lead, submissive and obedient because God has given you instructions for our union in advance.
So even though I look as if I am the woman to spend the rest of your life with,
when you pray for me God will give you wisdom & discernment to know if truly I am indeed your Eve.
Only God knows what's best for you and Adam didn't search for Eve, God provided Eve to Adam because He knew his needs.
So again, I ask you...have you prayed for me?
If the answer is no.
Please note: I am way out of your league.
I can not become someone's obligation,
a good for now, or a good enough,
I can not be your compulsive decision,
your lukewarm fantasy,
or a flashy object you take out for special occasions to show off to your friends and colleagues.
While I appreciate the flattery, please just let me be,
for someone has taken the time to get to know me in my spirit being,
he has been specific as it pertains to the qualities which make up me,
my love is what will complete him,
and he will be the physical interpretation of God's love for me,
he will know my value and I will be a precious gift from God in his sight.
So excuse me while I wait patiently, praying for him as he prays for me,
to be delivered in God's timing as a miracle specific to his unanswered prayer.

~C. Nzingha