Quote of the Week- C. Nzingha Smith

"Let go of yesterday, you made it! Don't use yesterday's state of mind to make today's decisions." C. Nzingha Smith

Happy New Year! We have officially ushered in a new year! Happy 2012! 2011 is over and we have an opportunity at a brand new start, a brand new beginning and a host of possibilities for our futures.

2011 for many was a year of constraint, trials, unrest, confusion, chaos as well as a host of other negative adjectives I could name as I reflect on world issues, national, regional, local and even personal. 2011 was also a year of tests for many. Great news! I made it through! You made it! We made it! 2012 is a new year, we have so much to look forward to and so much to be excited about, if we are in the right mindset, with a renewed perspective, a clear vision and a strengthened will and determination for reaching our goals and living on purpose.

I do not believe in making new year resolutions because I find they are compulsive and empty and are more accurately identified as wishes. Instead of resolutions, I write down goals for the year, make them specific and put a time limit on when I plan to reach them. This strategy sets me up for a higher chance of success instead of failure and I have the flexibility to adjust a goal or the timeline because there are strategies and steps in place for me to actually achieve them. This year I am taking it up a notch, not only have I set goals for myself for the entire year, I am breaking the goals up by quarter. I am working with my business coach specifically on what I am looking to accomplish during the first quarter of 2012 as this will set the stage for the rest of the year and determine how successful I can be at more long term goals.

One thing I should point out that I realized as I identified my goals and the things I wanted to accomplish this year...habits, faulty thinking patterns, negative self talk were going to have to change or be destroyed if I really want to reach my 2012 goals and get to the next level in my career and life. I realized I would need more structure to maximize my work day and productivity, I would have to change my circle of associates and friends, I would have to leave my past behind and destroy the negative things that have been holding me back. Saying all this to say, you will have to take the time and clear out the clutter, get not only your physical self in order but your thoughts, habits and beliefs as well. You know what doesn't work for you. So now that you know, do something different. All life is is trial and error.

Yesterday is over and tomorrow will worry about itself, stop and use now to set yourself up for better results in 2012 by dealing with and ridding yourself of those things, people, habits that are not going to get you to where you want to be in life, in love, in health, etc. Yes, it is a new day, a new month and a new year. However, if you drag old things into a new place you are going to continue to get the results you have always had and if those results really worked for you, you would most likely be in a better place in life already. Change your mind this year and open yourself up to a world of possibilities in all areas of your life! I am looking forward to having a lot to celebrate with you throughout this year!

What are you doing to set yourself up for success in 2012? Let me know your thoughts!

~C. Nzingha