In Real Life: Oscar Nod so Sure

Reading the news feeds on entertainment, I had mixed emotions about Mo'nique's nomination for best supporting actress. I'm happy she is being recognized for her break through role. She is beautiful, gut holding funny, a good actress and entertainer, and supposedly the awards are to honor the performer for their performance and if this is the case, then I'm thrilled but...

Against better judgement and advice, I reluctantly went to see Lee Daniels' movie 'Precious'. We weren't even half way through the movie and I was pissed. By the end of the movie I was beyond livid. Why oh why do you have to treat me this way and show me in the most unflattering light and when I embody all of the outrageous stereotypical labels you can put on me at once, am I then seen for my talent and ability and worthy to be acknowledged for it. The message behind the movie was what exactly? It was beautiful how? Inspiring why? Some one please shed some light here.

Denzel Washington with a beyond impressive list of complicated and celebrated roles got the nod when he played a crooked ghetto street cop in 'Training Day'. Halle Berry the same list of outstanding accomplishments and cinematic achievements and roles, only got the nod when she played a whore in 'Monster's Ball'. Scream...yup in real life, but I guess a nod is a nod and we should just be happy we're in the running finally every now and again. With that said, I hope she wins.