Beauty Babble:Olive Oil Part II

To add to my silky smooth stems, I decided to test out yet another beauty find using none other than my big stupid jar of olive oil. Frugality is holding me hostage at the moment, so spa visits are not inundating my calendar. Maintaining dewy soft skin and making sure my complexion is nothing but flawless is still of utmost importance however. I decided to try this…out of pure desperation. Hey, don’t judge me.

Using a clean washcloth, run it under extra hot water or wet it and throw it in the microwave for a few seconds until it is nice and toasty, careful not to burn the house down.
Using tongs or if your hands are already rough as leather ring it out. Take the cloth and place it over your entire face and neck, it’s easier if you’re lying down at this point. Take deep breaths in and out and allow the cloth to cool.
After the entire cloth has cooled, repeat the previous steps as many times as you want. I normally do it two or three time for the relaxation property it has.
Take a cotton ball and moisten it with olive oil. Using the saturated cotton, rub the olive oil over your face and neck. Perfect. Let it sit and marinate into your skin. I normally do this while I’m cooking or on the phone so that the time is going by without my realizing. I would say to leave it on for at least 30 minutes. I’ve had it on as long as two hours and I think the longer the better, but I’m normally multi-tasking so whatever works.
After the olive oil has soaked into your pores, it’s time to exfoliate. Use whatever skin care products you normally use, but remember it needs to be a scrub, so you can really cleanse the skin properly. I am an Aveeno fanatic, so I use the exfoliating pads.
Scrub your face and neck in circular motions, pushing upwards, then rinse. You should feel an immediate difference. I know right! Your cheek feels like a newborn baby’s bottom. Sigh.
Moisturize and you are res to go!

I’ve set a goal of doing this once a week to help shrink my pores and decrease breakouts. Reduced funds equals avenues to explore one's creativity with at home facials. Enjoy.