Fashion Babble: Ingredients for Disaster

On my way home yesterday on the 6 train headed uptown, I fell witness to the following:
Sagging pair of Levi's jeans w/ metal studded belt (yup underwear was peaking out)
Over-sized sky blue button down shirt tucked in halfway (almost to the knees)
Black ill-fitted faux leather jacket
Different color patterned scarf tied around the neck (Kanye West 08)
White pair of Jordan throw-backs
Aviator sunglasses, over sized in brown (it was dark outside)
A wool Fedora tan hat complete with large red feather (it was a really nice hat)to top it off.

The gentleman had to be mid to late twenties. Need I say more? Believe me I tried to make sense of it, but it was way too much random intake for even me to handle, the random lady herself. Please know what style statement you are trying to make prior to stepping outside the house and if you feel the need to mix and match, make sure the items are complimentary one to the other. Gents who need a bit of inspiration or some tips on the what and how can check out, an adorable men's fashion site/blog I came across giving you tools and instructions on how to be and how not to be a truly stylish gent.

In the meantime remember the lessons you learned as a youngster, no, you can't wear all your new stuff at the same time, it doesn't go together and what you will end up with...yep you guessed it, ingredients for fashion disasters.