Fashion Babble: Hello lover...

Hello lover. Hi there sexy. Yes you. Yes, I know I need you in my life. Okay, sorry had a moment. No, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Gena, the metallic, calf boot, priced on sale for a bargain $648. I can't have them, but a girl can dream. Now that I have taken a moment to compose myself and wipe the drool from the corners of my mouth, I can attempt to get cohesive thoughts together.

I've recently discovered a new motivation for working like crazy. Omelle luxury footwear. For those of you who know me well, I am a lover of pretty shoes. The company is rather new, from what I can see only a few years old, I've just come across them this week and I am in love. While perusing the website, I found a unique pair of designed shoes, one for each of my personalities. Amazing. I will be saving up for a pair of these. Yes, I said saving up. Luxury footwear means the shoes have a nice fat luxury price tag attached to them. I haven't arrived yet, but I am on my way.

The pumps shown are on sale for just under $500 bucks. Mere pennies when I think of how great my stems will look in them. We all aspire to attain things, mine is a full closet of beautiful shoes. Yes, I know it already...I'm sick. At least I can admit it, the first step to recovery. It might take me a while to get past the first step though, it's a process... See you soon lover. Nope. I'm hopeless.