Beauty Babble: Excuse me hun, can I borrow your bonnet...?

This is the new dialog for men with their women at night before bed. WTH (what the heck)? What happened to the days when men were clean cut, a fade, or caesar if you're from the east coast? Low to the head, fresh lining, mustache, beard or goatee are tightened up and we are ready to roll. You looked masculine, sexy and well put together.

We are truly living in the days of role reversal. Now you don't know if you're looking at a dude or a chick by the head. Men are taking this long hair thing way too far. I don't want a guy with cornrows or twists in the front and the rest of his hair is out and wild in the back (like I used to wear when I was 12). I also don't want him in my bathroom using up my good shampoo because he has more hair than I do (by choice of course).

Back in the day when you had the curly, Billy D. Williams type hair, you could pull off the long ponytails (then known as the DJ Quick) or pigtails, but only on the west coast. Snoop brought it back in style in the 90's, again permissable only on the west coast. However, gents, it's a t-totally different story when you have to relax your hair to get it smooth and silky. It's also ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I am from the Chi and while I grew up in the days of buttas and finger ways (yes, I did rock the sea sicks), pimps and the whole nine, it looked a hot mess then and it looks a chitified hot mess now.

Dreadlocked brothers get a pass because it's considered more of a lifestyle than a trend (just keep them neat). Except for the youngins in the hood who think cause Wayne got em they have to have em. Not the case my dude...FYI it makes you look dirty. Living in New York and on the border of Spanish Harlem, my Latino cousins get a pass (some even look rather sexy because it's natural). To all the rest of ya's cut that ish off and go back to the clean cut manly look. I don't need to reach over and feel your bonnet, I've got my own. SMH.