Love in Retrospect | Sharing the Love

OMG!!! I have been loved on, and loved on, and loved on some more, throughout my journey over the past few months. I can't begin to describe the experience. I will one a book of course! It's been absolutely amazing being open to receive healthy love from every direction, in unexpected places, in ways so simple, yet so profound. I am so full. This week, since we have nothing to officially reflect on in love (I'm going to get my ish together, promise!), I am going to take a few minutes to share some of the love with you. 
In case you haven't been told today or this week:
You are wonderful!
You are thought about!
You are smart!
You are funny!
You are loved!
You are cared for!
You are a success!
You are missed!
I could go on and on...but I just wanted to remind you of how remarkably special you are and tell you that you are needed. 
Never, EVER forget how much you matter in this world and how your mere presence changes someone's life for the better. 
Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend. See you next week! ;-) 

P.S. I wish I could figure out how not to look so weird on the video capture pic?

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha Smith