Love U | 10 Ways to Touch

Physical touch is one of five types of affection. Studies show that touch is the first sense to develop in humans and may be the last one to fade. Our skin is our largest organ and is very sensitive and responsive to human touch. We have approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin, with 3,000 in a finger tip alone. So, why as we age do we tend to touch each other less?

Well first, everyone is all uptight about nothing. You would think as we age, we would get more mature about the nature of touching, but instead we get more uptight and less curious. The result is anxiety, more stress, lack of intimacy and closeness with our partners and more sickness in our society.

Everyone thinks everything has to be about sex all the time. Light bulb: it doesn't. The benefits of touching span far beyond an orgasm.
How about proven natural healing qualities. Who knew a hug, a soft caress, a slap on the tail might be the cure to a lot of things ailing us physically and emotionally and they don't cost you anything, but are worth more than words can say.

So, let's get Valentine's week started off right with some good old fashioned thumb wrestling. Just kidding! Here are a 10 ways for lovers to get back in touch with each other, literally and figuratively speaking.

1. Hug- allow for no personal space here. Use both arms and squeeze tightly.
2. Hold hands- this is reassuring for both parties and helps with anxiety.
3. Cuddle- cuddling is relaxing and soothing and a great way to reconnect.
4. Wash each others hair- might sound corny, but it's really sexy and nurturing.
5. Brush up against each other in passing-linger for a minute and flirt a little.
6. Massage each other- it's a great way to spend quality time and relieve tension.
7. Shower or bathe together- need I say more.
8. Kiss (often)- kissing is very intimate and can communicate a lot without words.
9. Undress each other- it's very sensual, but often overlooked in foreplay.
10. Appropriate groping- this should be done to make your partner feel sexy.
*11. Talk to each other (while holding hands) about how to best show each other love & affection, and then encourage each other by sharing mutual touch on a regular basis.

Let's face it, we could all benefit from being touched more often. Reaching out and touching each other helps us know we aren't alone, that we are loved, desired, special, cared for. It helps to keep us connected to one another. A touch can sooth pain, heighten our spirits, and give us hope and reassurance. There is nothing wrong with a little (or a lot) of an act of love.

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha