Love Lesson | Caution in Love, The Most Fatal

Frustration in love is often caused by our holding back our true feelings. We want to say something, but don't. We long for that kiss, but don't seize the moment. We secretly want to express our love in every way possible, but decide not to. We keep the unexpressed love inside, and after a while it begins to eat away at us, turning into awkward behavior, nervousness, paranoia, and sickness. We starve it and kill it off, instead of allowing it to grow, flourish, and nurture our lives in ways we couldn't possibly be able to anticipate.

Why do we hold back? Because of fear of the unknown, of losing ourselves, losing control and liking it, because we tried once and it didn't work. Fear is the enemy in love and according to Russell, caution in love, the most fatal to our true happiness. How can you know how far you can go if you don't take the risks needed to find out? Answer is: you won't and could be missing out on the love you desire because you're allowing fear to block love from flowing in your life consciously or unconsciously.

Our true happiness is directly related to our being loved and being able to give love in return. When we become too cautious in love, have too many rules that don't make any sense, or live by an imaginary rule book that dictates how we should think about love and our relationships we lose out. We create and build walls around our hearts, which cause us to miss out on the possibilities of the love we want. You can create whatever love you want to experience. You make your own rules in love with the one you love, those are the only rules that matter. There aren't any universal rules in love you should live by, except that you have to first open yourself up to experience love's possibilities. When you do, give yourself permission to love with abandon as Mr. Russell has advised us to do this week.

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha