Love Stat Tuesday| Numbers Don't Lie | $239/yr vs. $15k/yr


According to a 2013 survey conducted by statisticbrain.com, the average person spends $239/year on dating site memberships and online dating is a $1 billion business.

Okay, I thought $239/yr was rather high. However, then I thought what if you aren't average? How much would a date or introduction with no guarantees of a relationship be worth? Well, upwards of $15k if you are going through a high-end "traditional matchmaking" firm and that's on the low end.

In the process of doing research for a potential client in the luxury matchmaking business, I came across a lot of really interesting information on the amount of money the "non-average" spend on finding love. It's unbelievable, for me anyway. I'm both the "non-average" and also not the "non-average" (yet) all at the same dang time!

Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the movie Hitch, but had no idea there were so many modern day versions that are racking up the clients by the 1,000's and getting paid a hefty penny to do so. I imagined myself as a tycoon business man, the millionaire heiress and the bootstrap successful entrepreneur looking for love to see how far my money would go with a "traditional matchmaker".  These prices are just for the search, pairing and introduction and may include all of the details of planning the first date, but there are no guarantees a relationship of any kind will be born of them. Wow!

Under $5k- A free consultation to tell me to get my money up and come back
$5k- A second city added on to my original search once I save up, see below
$15k- unlimited matches in one city for a year, go back one step to add a second
$150k- an international search with personal coaching and pre-date preparation
*Prices are annual

Oh, and I did mention there are no guarantees. All that money and I'm not guaranteed to be in matrimonial bliss when it's all said and done. In the voice of Eddy Murphy..."get the *$@! out of here." Oh and if one of the introductions did happen to successfully end in a relationship or marriage, there is a fee attached to your union. What? Wait. Didn't I already pay your finder's fee? I'm so confused by the purpose of all this and the value.

My thoughts: the money would be better spent on therapy. Many people have unresolved issues and hangups that keep them from successfully entering into and sustaining healthy, lasting relationships. That and no personality or relational skills. Guys who are uberly successful in certain industries are a dry bore and lack simple people skills. Nice guys, but have had no practice in the areas of relationships. Take your money and invest it in some courses on expressive behavior and communication skills. That will be $500, you will get my bill. Ha!

I'm with this guy! You can't beat a spark, the old fashion way!
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With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha