Love STAT | Face Shape with the Most Lovers

Studies show that men and women with highly symmetrical faces tend to have more lovers to choose from. Additionally, men with symmetrical faces begin to have sex four years earlier, have more sex, and have more affairs than their lopsided peers. Women also tend to have more orgasms with symmetrical men.

Prior to searching for the Love stat for this week, I had never really paid attention to the symmetric face theory and the meaning behind it. Interestingly enough there are tons of studies done on facial construct and how it plays out prior to our being birthed, and how our face shape effects our lives, from career to dancing skills. I'm not sure if I've ever paid attention to the shape or evenness of a gentleman's face. I'm thinking it must be a subconscious thing that we scan for without thinking about it.
Obviously if someone's face is seriously out of whack, it would be noticeable and kind of hard to ignore, but spotting an even face, is probably a little trickier, but I can see why it's naturally more attractive. Reading the background information for this Love stat got me to thinking about what prominent features stand out to me and what I look at first when meeting a guy.

Hmm...when I see a good looking gentleman, I immediately look at his mouth. I check out his smile, his lips, and his teeth. I'm a kisser, so the mouth region is important to me. Plus, I'm secretly a stand-up comedian, so I want to make sure his smile will make me smile when I make him laugh. :) Plus, a man with a beautiful smile, is just pure sexy. If he clears the mouth scan, we're clear to proceed from there. Then my eyes will move back to his eyes to communicate whatever needs to be said from there. I'm going to have to see if I can detect the symmetrical face trait thing on real people or if it's just meant to stay in the study lab and visible on charts and face diagrams. Of course I now wonder how symmetrical my face is, but don't have the patience to participate in any online tests to see nor do I care too much. It is what it is and has been that way since I was born. We've all got to work on loving ourselves just as we are, and know we are all uniquely beautiful! 

What facial features do you tend to focus in on when you meet someone? Are they preferences or must-haves? I would be interested to know!

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha