Love Lessons & Fishing | Mark Twain

I could argue both sides. The pros and cons of using your brain or heart when searching for love (too many episodes of Law & Order & the hidden inner lawyer in me coming out). The more useful baiting tool however, at the end of the day (and because it sometimes gets exhausting being difficult for the hell of it) I will have to admit and resolve to agree with Mark on this one, is your heart.

The most satisfying of all finds are the one's made up of genuine feelings. Not because of the things our minds rationalize us into thinking are the best for us. Your heart will always gravitate to truth.

I have never been a fan of people who claim to like people or feelings to grow on them...I equate that to fungus (I will save that for another post). I don't want anything to grow on me. I don't want to have to think about it. It is. You know it. It sets you on fire and drives you to madness and you like it, crave it and are lost when it evades you. You don't need words to explain it. You can let it be because it existed before the two of you crossed paths and were swept up in its power.

Or it isn't. Words are needed when it isn't. You know when we have to search for justifications and make sense of it. To explain and fill in the gaps that true love fill naturally. When it isn't you allow your brain to keep your heart silenced and love often turns out toxic for the parties involved.

Our hearts will always have the answers we seek to find, all we have to do is listen to it. The trick is we have to shut our mouths and be quiet enough to hear what it has to say to us. This is the hard part for most people. Love lesson: Use your heart to seek and find love.

Do you let your brain or heart lead you in and out of love?

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha