February Prayer | Life's Bricks

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

The road ahead looks a bit blurry. January has flown by and we're now in February 2013. New Year's resolutions were made and we were off to a good start. Then we looked around and realized despite our good feelings, best efforts and strong attempts at keeping things positive, nothing seems like it changed much, since the new year started. If it has, it's definitely not happening the way you pictured it would. This can be discouraging and cause you to get off course or stop altogether. I'm in the place of fighting off a feeling of discouragement and this evening I had to stop and pray and wanted to share my prayer as I encouraged myself, I felt there might be someone else who needs it too. Remembering that delay is not denial.

My prayer for Us for February: I speak to the gifts that are on the inside of us, to be stirred up in a way that overtakes us, for the benefit of others. I speak against the limitations we've put on ourselves and the one's we've accepted from others. We are walking miracles! We are powerful beyond belief, we are conquerors of the impossible! I speak against fear, doubt, self-sabotage, inadequacy, low self-esteem, laziness, defeat, every single negative word that has ever been spoken to us and the acceptance of failure. I speak peace, joy, love, hope, power and a sound & renewed mind into our lives on a daily basis. This is our new normal. Everything is possible for those who believe. I pray we will go back to believing in ourselves. I pray against every type of distraction that tries to pull us away from our purpose & destiny. I pray no matter what, no matter how it looks, or what we are facing, we don't lose hope. I pray courage over us to keep pressing and a stubbornness to the point of reaching success as the only option we will accept. It's in Jesus' precious name I pray, Amen.

"We die faster not from disease or illness, but from a loss of hope." C. Nzingha

"As life throws you bricks, don't let life beat you with them, build yourself a mansion instead." C. Nzingha

Keep believing. We win! Let's keep each other covered in prayer & love. Please share this with someone who might need it. Read it as often as you might need to be reminded.  If there is anything specific you would like me to pray with you about, reply to this email and let me know. Don't forget throughout this month & year...You Win! Go back and start's never too late. Start from NOW!

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha