24 Hours | 28 Books | A Dream Realized

Happy Saturday! I've been working diligently to get Lust Have Recipes into non-traditional book retailers to give more people the opportunity to taste love and recreate an intimacy connection in their relationships or simply to enjoy deliciously wicked recipes. I'm happy to report the response and feedback thus far has been good. Lust Have Recipes is now available in Cake Cafe Atlanta located at: 368 Candler Road, S.E., Atlanta, GA 30317, so if you are in the Atlanta area, you can stop by and grab your copy. 

Numbers don't lie! In order to be considered in the larger chains as an independent publisher, I have to be able to prove the viability and demand for the product in sales. Right now, I am 28 copies away from hitting the first number I need to be attractive to approach the specialty stores looking for this unique type of product. 

I'm appealing to you TODAY to purchase a copy of Lust Have Recipes within the next 24 hours to help me reach my goal and get these next 28 sold! If you've already purchase your copy of Lust Have, get one for a loved one or a friend. If you haven't purchased a copy yet, get two copies, one for you to keep and one to give as a gift! It's too good to give away! It makes a great gift that will have lasting value and long-lasting on effects on the people it touches. Love should be given and received! To order TODAY, click on the Shop link above and purchase or call (470) 201-5292 to order your copy and receive a free gift with your purchase (qualities limited) TODAY only 12/11/12. *Free gift is only for telephone orders made by 12/1/12 at 10pm EST.*

Thank you so much for believing in me and my gifts! Lust Have Recipes has been featured on CNN, The Huffington Post, AOL Black Voices, Single in Atlanta, I'm Every Woman radio show and more. All with your support and encouragement. I'm eternally grateful and look forward to reporting back shortly as more people get an opportunity to taste love with Lust Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook. 

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With Gratitude,

~C. Nzingha