Weekly Reflection - Mind Games

"The battle is either lost or won in your mind." B.E.L.L.
"You either control your mind or it controls you." Unknown

The soundtrack of your life is played out in your mind. The problem with this: majority of your soundtrack is outdated, negative and harmful to your forward progress and growth. Your mind is a processing center not a storage shed and because no one teaches us how to properly use our minds, we're storing useless, harmful information. We store up the details of every event (especially the negative and traumatic ones) and use them as a basis on how to live, what to do and how to think. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You are making decisions today based off of yesterday's mindset.

Most of the soundtrack of our lives stems from our childhood. We have an internal picture of ourselves, our abilities and most importantly our limitations. The problem with the soundtrack of our childhood, is it was framed by someone else. You were encouraged or hindered because someone else framed your world. They either built you up or they tore you down. We hold on to those frames throughout our lives, not knowing we were only supposed to extract what was useful and discard the rest. For example, you are now an adult and you relate rejection to not being picked for a sports team in high school...really? At 36? You've grown up and your mind should have grown up with your age, meaning the things you think about and give energy to, should change over time.

Mind games happen when your mind fights with you because it needs a way to use the information you've required it to store. You're older now, what you used to like; the foods, the activities, the people don't necessarily work for you any longer. You desire to change and want to explore different things now, however your mind fights the growth and change because it wants you to make decisions based off those old references. It figures, you kept these things up here for a reason. The truth is, majority of the things you keep stored in your mind are of no use to you and where you are today. As a result your growth is being hindered. You were supposed to process the events, the information, etc and discard the rest immediately so as not to clutter up valuable space. 

Clear out the clutter. Your mind is the only thing you actually have control over in real life. You choose what to focus on, think about, hold on to and relive through your stored memories. You have to learn how to play the game and win. Stop holding yourself back with your thoughts. Who cares what was programmed into your life song by others. Change it! Tell yourself something different and believe it! Replace the negative with positive. Most importantly don't hold on to anything else which doesn't serve a purpose for you right now. Start with forgiveness. Forgive others and forgive yourself, this frees up a lot of space and redirects negative energy into positive energy. The memories will no longer serve you and when this happens your mind will not reference them anymore. Create new experiences and live. You can choose to take only the good from things, it's all about perspective. Focus on what is useful, what feeds you, what makes you smile and what keeps you motivated. Negative energy can only fuel you for so long, then it becomes self-destructive. 

We have to learn how to control what goes on in our minds or it will control us. When your mind controls you, you're more likely to be and stay in unhealthy situations, you tend to not be where you want to be, happy, growing and successful. Mind games are meant to keep you distracted, discouraged, fearful, defeated and stagnant. The good news: Yesterday is over, you made it! Now recreate the soundtrack of your life with all the things you want to see. You win in the battle of your mind first.

~C. Nzingha