Weekly Reflection: Self Motivation

" It doesn't matter how talented you are, if you can't motivate yourself to do what's necessary to succeed, you'll always fall short." -Sheri Gaskins

After this week, I'm coming to realize talent is only the beginning and a very small part in the formula which helps distinguish the successful from those who are not. Throughout history there has been significant evidence of those not-so talented, being able to achieve tremendous success. We have evidence of this daily. We turn on the television and reality shows are showcasing the questionable talent of people who capitalize on the opportunity and become successful. We have all witnessed in passing a singer on the subway or a someone who might be homeless and they are obviously talented, but have yet to achieve success in life. 

While I can't speak for the individual circumstances of every talented person who isn't successful, I can say as I walk in the direction of success, being able to keep yourself motivated on the journey is more than a notion. Every day is different. New victories and new obstacles arise. There are more lows than highs and sometimes the distance you have to travel before you reach a high seems endless. 

As I study successful people, one thing they seem to all have in common is they choose to consistently make good decisions and they believe despite everything and they stay motivated from within. Despite how they feel, what's thrown at them, what they come up against, they stay focused and motivated to do what's necessary to succeed so they will get to their end goal(s). 

It's great to have the support and enthusiasm of others, but if you're counting on outside motivating factors on this journey, you are going to fall short. People have short attention spans, lives and their own dreams and goals they are working towards. It's unrealistic to count on anyone else to see you through to the end except you. I've witnessed more than a few people who are only motivated by what others are doing and it is sad to watch them set themselves up for failure.

You're path is your own. We each have one as unique as our fingerprints. What it takes to walk your path is not the same as what I need to walk mine. While I can cheer you on, motivation to finish the race comes from within. You have to find it and push yourself along the way. When you are tired, it's great to have others there to push you until you regain your strength, but remember your finishing will depend on whether or not YOU were able to keep yourself motivated during the low points. Lack of motivation makes it easier for you to give up. Giving up means you will not reach success. Activate the motivation within to PUSH yourself forward daily. This here is a marathon, not a sprint. If and how you finish is all that matters.

Be Love,
~C. Nzingha