Quote of the Week- C. Nzingha Smith

"A response for all the naysayers...All is well." 

It's amazing how some people will pop back up in your life whom you might not have heard from for quite some time. They'll call all of a sudden because "you've been on their mind" and they "wanted to check in to see how things are going" with you. Well, we haven't spoken in six months, does it really matter at this point? My thoughts after I hear the message, but nonetheless, you never know what has been going on with them, so you make an excuse for their lack of communication skills and give them the benefit of the doubt. Unassuming you ring them back and they don't have much to share with you, but they always want you to divulge every detail of what you have going on in your life. I used to play into this until recently, when I realized this was meant to trip me up.

When you are in a zone and you are aggressively pushing forward to reach your goals, a lot of times you don't know how things are going to work out, you just know they are. You are walking in faith and what you are experiencing is beyond explanation, you don't have any of the details, you just have a conviction that in the end everything will work out how it is supposed to. Well, when you fall in the trap of "catching up" sometimes it is an opportunity for doubt to arise and throw you off of your path. When you are giving people "progress reports" on your life (as if you need to justify anything to anyone) you set yourself up for discouragement in two ways. First, depending on who you are speaking to, they might not have the capacity to see the vision or dream and will speak doubt and death to and about it. Secondly, since you can't really explain what is going on in detail as you are speaking you will come off to them and yourself like you have no real clue and will begin to doubt what you are doing and might become discouraged.

Starting today, here is a great response for all of those people who like to come around and get status reports and updates on your life, simply respond, "all is well." Period. Some people will be able to handle it and can go on with the conversation. Others, not so much. See how quick they are to get off the phone with you when that's all you are willing to share. There will be a pause, they will realize you are done, they will probe a bit more, then they will find a way to end the conversation. Don't open yourself up to be vulnerable for attack. Protect your dreams and realize everyone is not able to celebrate your accomplishments with you and this is great because you can always choose to celebrate yourself. Keep reminding yourself "all is well" and despite the obstacles that come your way on the journey to your destiny, you are sure to overcome them all. Put everything in right perspective and remember to speak life.

Do you look for others to cosign on your plans? Does this help or hinder your progress? Let me know your thoughts.

~C. Nzingha