Quote of the Week- C. Nzingha Smith

"Don't let the temporary feelings of today, get in the way of your successful tomorrow." C. Nzingha

"Success requires emotional maturity." -Unknown Author

Age and maturity are not equals. As a child I wished I could be like Peter Pan and never grow up. I really thought adults were stupid and that children had more common sense. Therefore it was more appealing in my mind to remain a child. Then, I finally realized there was no escaping it, with each year I grew older and knew one day I would become an adult. I quickly changed my prayer, I began praying for wisdom and common sense so I wouldn't grow up to be a stupid adult. With age is supposed to come wisdom, but not everyone finds it in life or in business. It is something you have to work at and consciously seek out.

So what does being mature have to do with success? A bunch. How you handle rejection, how you communicate, your temperament all translate over into your business. Emotional control over the small moments of every day determines how successful you will be in the long run. Now that I am an adult, I realized it wasn't stupidity I witnessed from older people as a child, it was a lack of maturity. They aged, but didn't grow in wisdom and so there actions, decision making skills, reactions to disappointments and the ways they communicated didn't match up with where they were in life.

Unfortunately, I still know extra-grown adults right now who throw temper tantrums, do not know how to communicate, show love or express themselves.
How you react to failures, to pressure, to negative feedback and criticism can probably be traced back to when you were a child. The patterns will remain the same as you age if you don't work at improving and growing in maturity. To be a success in life and in business there has to be maturity present, so you are able to operate in wisdom and know how to keep pushing past the bumps in the road, to not get easily distracted and ultimately not quit. The decisions you make everyday determine where you will be years from now. Will you be broke or will you reach wealth? Being ruled by your emotions is a recipe for disaster. You will not be able to blame anyone else but yourself.

This week I challenge you to stop blaming others for where you are today, stop making excuses for why you haven't made it to where you are supposed to be, stop justifying giving up prematurely and stop choosing mediocrity. Instead, face it. Look at it, have a stare off contest, talk to it, take responsibility for the part you played, get control back and finally forgive it, him, her or you. Now...move forward. Grow Up. It's time. You are more than enough, adequate, wonderful and bearing gifts and talents you need to share with the world (in case you needed the reminder). Go after it. People are waiting for you! However, it requires you to pursue, it won't just come to you and it is definitely not easy.

Don't let the temporary feelings of today, get in the way of your success tomorrow. Keep making progress. Are you ruled by your emotions? Let me know your thoughts!

~C. Nzingha