Quote of the Week-Author Unknown

"The biggest drain on life is standing on the fence."

All life is an experiment. I am not sure why as we get older, people feel like it is illegal to change your mind. Change is the only constant thing we have to depend on in life. Change and death. Everything changes at one point or another. One thing doesn't work, try something else. Keep trying until you find the things that fits you best in your current stage of life. This type of mindset is totally opposite of what we are taught throughout childhood and into adulthood. We are taught to pick one thing and stick with it. When you change activities, majors in college, hairstyles, too often, you are told something is wrong with you, you are unstable, or wishy-washy, bipolar even. All negative things and frowned upon. But, how on earth are you supposed to make a decision on anything if you don't first try it to see if it works for you?

Newsflash,  there is nothing wrong with needing to change or taking steps to change your life for the better. Experimenting and experiencing life is the only way to know what works for you. The worst feeling is when your energy is split and you are warring within yourself and allowing fear to paralyze action. The stress is lifted as soon as you decide. You don't even have to begin the change process immediately, the decision to begin is the first step. Before anything can be changed in your life, you have to first make the conscious decision to change it. 

Make a decision. Wow, wasn't that easy? Don't you feel lighter, refreshed and instantly more at ease. Stick with the decision and give it a fair shot. Now for the good are free to make another decision to adjust accordingly or change as often as you like. You are the boss of you. Stop living your life in misery for the sake of other people's comfort levels. It's draining and you will remain unfulfilled. Decide then act. Live on purpose.

Do you find it hard to make decisions in life? What is holding you back from making changes for the better?

~C. Nzingha