Quote of the Week- Joyce Meyer

"We need a love revolution. Love must be more than a theory or a word; it has to be action. It must be seen and felt." Joyce Meyer

Love is a state of being. We have to go back to the original essence of why we were created, to love and to be loved. Our quote this week comes from Joyce Meyer's book, "The Love Revolution." I am only a few pages into the first chapter, but this quote hit home and spoke volumes of my personal beliefs. I thought to myself, this is exactly right and I have to join the revolution. I am old fashion. I still believe, love changes things, not just using the word, but showing love and being love. We have to act in love. We need to be walking, talking, breathing physical interpretations of love. When people feel loved it makes a positive difference in their lives, in their relationships in how they feel about themselves and how they function in our society. The current state of the world is the result of a lack of love. As the image above illustrates, we all have a hand in creating a better world for ourselves and our children and we each have control over ourselves and how we treat ourselves and others.

I admit, I am a hopeless romantic and my favorite topic to read and write about is love. I aspire to live a life of love. Majority of my poetry is about love, my first book, Lust Have Recipes: IN-Gredients for Stimulation is a cookbook for couples and lovers to reignite their love and passion for each other and to relearn how to show each other love through cooking. Love has to become a way of life for all of us. If we can achieve a life of living and acting in love, then there will be a dynamic impact on the world we live in. Yesterday, for us being so self consumed and selfish that we can't stop and show our love and support for our neighbor, friend and brother. People who feel loved, show love and consider themselves valuable. Love doesn't cost anything. It just takes us to pause a second and realize someone else's hurt and pain and instead of turning a blind eye to it, we stop and help. Think about it with your heart instead of your mind. 

On my quest to join the Love Revolution and really committing to living a life in love, I'm introducing the Uber Lovelution on February 1st! For 29 days I will be rewarding those who join the Lovelution with prizes, giveaways and other goodies, recognizing 'lovelies' publicly for showing love openly and freely. There will also be tips, ideas and ways you can show love to others in your family, neighborhood and on your job, in the community and throughout the country and the world. Everyday between this blog, my Facebook and Twitter pages there will be something posted educating you on a subject you know so well, but may be a bit out of practice on. Love. It is more than a four letter word, it is a command and a verb. Love. Be love. Show love. Give love. Contribute to a better world by acting in love.

Please share ways you show others love everyday. Whether it is a smile, hug, song, meal, laugh, help me add to the list of ways to show love to others. Our list should be endless and infinite as we should never run out of ways to love.

~C. Nzingha