Quote of the Week- from Joe Zee

"If you get it all right on the first shot, where do you go from there." - Joe Zee

While almost every other fashion critic who viewed DW, Kanye West's new clothing line in Paris was negative and highly critical, Joe Zee opted to shed a brighter light on West's first attempt at breaking into the fashion business. Stressing he has time to get it right and make it better, something to work towards.

After reading this quote it made me reflect on how I was viewing my writing, my business, my marketing efforts for Lust-Have Recipes among a host of other things. Learning how to take constructive and even negative criticism is a must in business and as an artist. However, learning how to lighten up on ourselves and give ourselves room to grow is even more important. I am not sure about you, but I am definitely my own worst critic, I push myself very hard and if something turns out anything less than I anticipated I bring the hammer down. More recently though, I have taken a step back and am learning how to be more flexible with myself as I work to make my dreams come true. 

A lot of times outside circumstances play a big part in whether our efforts are successful. There is limited control we have over them and so giving ourselves permission to learn from mistakes, to do better next time and to not let our own criticism or that of others hinder us from trying again is a must. I encourage you this week to stay true to your goals and ambitions, but instead of being so hard on yourself if you fall short, encourage yourself instead. Remind yourself that this wasn't the only opportunity to get it right. You can learn from the mistakes and the more you try, the closer you are to perfection. Keep at it and since everyone else has an opinion about what it is that you do, how about you change yours to a positive one!

How are you viewing your mistakes? Are you devastated after something doesn't work out? What are your thoughts or tips at staying positive in spite of?

- C.Nzingha