Quote of the Week- from Sheri Gaskins

"It doesn't matter how talented you are, if you can't motivate yourself to do what's necessary to succeed you will always fall short."  - Sheri Gaskins

Before I started pursuing my dreams as a writer and author I thought the mere fact of having talent as a writer and having an idea of the things I wanted to accomplish were enough. Then the light bulb clicked on and I realized I had to begin aggressively working towards it. Merely talking about it was getting me nowhere but frustrated. So I began to take action and put some work into it. So far so good I thought, this isn't hard at all, I can do this. Then resistance showed up and began to increase and as a result discouragement set in. I had to make the decision of whether or not to keep going and finish what I started or quit and go do something else. This is an uphill march and everyday I have to recommit.

Now I am getting a taste of what it really means to chase after and aggressively pursue your dreams. As I am blessed with each new day, I have to fight to keep the dream alive. I now personally know the meaning behind so many cliches we are quick to dismiss. The difference between the people who make it in life and are successful and everyone else is a hard work ethic, iron will and a fight to keep at it. To finish what they start and have the guts to continue to start and finish despite obstacles, doubt and emotions. Anyone can start something, however everyone does not have the ability to finish. If you are wondering why you are where you are, try looking back over your track record of how you finish.

Concentrate on motivating yourself daily this week, moving your emotions out of the way and committing to get your daily tasks completed. Set daily and weekly goals to accomplish. Each finished task moves you forward and closer toward your end goal. The first step is starting. However, get in the habit of finishing what you start and you will be much more fulfilled in life.

How does your finishing measure up? Do you think it is a direct result of where you are in life? Let me know your thoughts!

~C. Nzingha