In Real Life: Musician Enoch Smith Jr.

At first glance you’re not able to see his face. His head is down and instead of a smile of acknowledgement, dread locks greet the music and poetry lovers as they enter the WZYZ Lounge. Even In the intimate crowd of 48, it’s still only him and his keyboard in close conversation. Softly the thump of the base chimes in with the consistent heartbeat of the snare drum. The song lulls you in, the title is suiting, “I Want You” one of the tracks off of the Enoch Smith Jr. Group’s debut album, “Church Boy”. The harmony is perfect, the only natural reaction is to allow the rhythm to move you as it sees fit. The crowd goes with it, as the cocktails in their hands help them unwind completely. Lost in the moment, the crowd’s reaction is surprise as the music stops and leaves them wanting more. Undeniably in love with his craft, talent and gift. It takes Enoch Smith Jr., pianist and composer a minute to release the keys and rejoin the people in the room. To the sound of applause, he slowly lifts his head upward, a smile is found on his lips, as he finally gives the adoring crowd its proper greeting and acknowledgment. Obviously pleased with how the conversation went, as is the crowd who witnessed the gifted Enoch Smith Jr. Group play at a private event held at Aloft Harlem Hotel during NY Fashion Week Fall 2011. Seeing is believing.

Visit Enoch online for a list of upcoming show dates and appearances throughout New York and New Jersey so you too can become a believer. The debut album entitled, “Church Boy” is available for purchase online now at