Visionary Leaders Institute

The way in which our children learn and comprehend is changing, mostly influenced by the technology available to them in unlimited amounts. Visionary Leaders Institute is hosting an educational conference next month, February 22-23 in Houston, TX. Those of you who are teachers, principals, superintendents, members of youth organizations, students majoring in education and parents alike should look into attending. Parents we can't afford to depend on the schools to fully educate our children, we have to play an active role in how our students learn. The gaps need to be filled in and it has to be a collective effort for everyone involved. Get prepared for the next generation of students with tools and knowledge that will keep you current on educational techniques and practices. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues that might benefit as well. Register today at or by calling 800.223.4244. Get a return on your investment, equip yourself with the knowledge needed to help cultivate the minds of our future leaders.