Merry New Year!

Okay, so I geared myself up to start this blog at the end of last year after visiting LA, getting some sun, shots of vitaman E (encouragement) and some wind beneath my wings. I thought I would have the discipline to sit and write about something every single day. It was a nice thought, but the realities of life took a front seat and like any other thing I haven't developed as a habit, this was put on the back burner.

New year, new beginnings and I am hoping to do better with this thing in 2010 (and life in general). I plan on updating at least once a week (maybe more) and will do my best, so please stick with me (and give me room for era). Who knows what will be on the brain at any given moment (hence the title). Check back often.

A very good friend of mine told me that 10 is the number of divine perfection and excellence, how all of the things that were holding me back were ending and how if I stuck with it, I would see God work miracles in my life with the gifts he has blessed me with (my writing in particular). I am claiming it now and wish the same for you this year and beyond.

Welcome again.