Beauty Babble: Baldi-locs

Momma never told me there'd be days like this! My grandfather suffered from it, I watched as my uncle began to get it and my dad and now do I run the risk???!?!? I thought since my father only had a daughter, no sons, I would be safe, but I am starting to feel like I might be in danger of inheriting it after all. Yes, I know what your thinking, Cdot calm down, be positive, but instead I am horrified at the thought. I might have to one day pull off a Donald Trump meets Aliyah swoop in hopes of camouflaging my...I almost can't say it, bald spot (SCREAM!).

Sitting in the balcony of church Sunday, I happened to look down at the crowd below(during announcements of course) and noticed the vast number of women with thinning hair or bald spots on the tops of their heads, a sight often more commonly seen in men. I was aware of the fact that women can suffer from hair loss, but thought it only to occur around the edges or in the middle of the head, not in the back or on the crown. So not the case.

A light bulb went off and I began recanting my family history of balding. My genetic disposition is I come from a line of baldi-locs. I can't stop thinking about the possibility of my maybe losing my hair and going bald in my middle age years if not sooner. My dad has the wet and wavy hair and has had a ponytail since I can remember. However, underneath his feathered fedora is an almost smooth round peg of head that's surrounded by hair on the sides and in the back but nothing is on top anymore except a few lonely strands, hanging on for dear life. I've even noticed since I've been growing my hair out, how much thinner it feels in the same spot on the crown of my head. Ugh!

Yes, there are over the counter medications and hair growth treatments, but after you stop using them, guess what the new hair falls out. I have the options of a hair transplant, or scalp reduction and they are developing new technologies in wigs (shout out to Cyberwigs), but I am a lioness by nature. How will I function without my full crown of glory?? How will I explain to the Mr. about my follicle deficiency? I'm not sure at the moment...sigh. All I know is I've got to be proactive starting now. I won't be a victim of baldi-locs, I refuse. Something needs to be developed and fast, a cure. I've never been a fan of wigs or weave, I've relied solely on my all nat-u-ral. The little voice in my head reminds me...your strength is in your hair. Keep hope alive. SMH.