Love Poem: C.C. Malachi the Poet

Music Must Be a Woman
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You must be a 24 LP double disk album
-the box set collection-
Cause inspiration flows through the ears
the quickest route to the brain, next to oral
-the visual doesn't count cause I can see you with Steve Wonder eyes’-
and the radio has been singing your story since Sunday
We've been past the first set of 3’s and I’m just waiting on 3 lifetimes to hit
I want you in every way possible
from Jaime Foxx’s story where we are always having the “Best night of our Life
and “Oh Yea” with Plies & Chris Brown where I call you my babe
To some old Minnie Riperton, or Amel Larriuex cause you know you’re “For Real
-For real for real-
where I lip the high notes since my head says “it’s too early for her to hear your shower voice”
And some old Isle’s where I can’t stop asking “who’s that lady?
even after I played the Alicia Keys game to get to “know your name
I’m the industrial size Acme magnet that always backfired on Wylie Coyote
And my thoughts
-thinking for you aside-
has my sole deep in trouble…I love your type of trouble

like a convict can’t seem to stay out of prison, or the idea of catching a grenade
-Pause: Say hello to the crazies, what a genius reality to consider-
We’ve been making love to one another’s mind so much I don’t have a desire for your physical
-“That’s a lie!” says the other side-   
The future conversations come with excitement and longing
lacking reservations and pass disasters and trials
you’ll never hurt me, “will you?” …
-its ok I like your pouty mad face; probably more than Rihanna and Eminem “love the way you lie”-
I’ll take It all however you send it my way
 God cast you from the sun so I know your one of a kind
-I see ya’ll share the same smile-
I can write, breath, think, feel, kiss, want, need, long, desire you 372 days of every year
-Hell, now until infinity for that matter, but what’s time got to do with it…-
Adding in the extra 7 days since my mind be working overtime with you there
-Loud speaker comes on, “We are now Operating at Optimum Capacity,”
-Loud cheer-
You overlooked the 6 piece luggage set they just called about from the airport
-“Mr. Conley, we’ve located your bags”-
and you told me “don’t worry sweets, I’ll just be your better stuff“
I’m ready to roll around in marmalade and change my name for you
-Ill even take off my shades for you, if you leave your panties in your pocket book…-
-along with everything else-
My smelling salt to the legendary path
where everyday seems like déjà vue
-I love being stuck in this twilight day love story that seems too good to be true-
I’m ready to go to the end of the galaxy with you
Passport… check, Pure…check, Ecstasy…check, Soundtrack of Emotions in Love…Check
-Danm “Did you just touch my insides?”-
Get out of there…. Well on second thought just linger for a moment
let your melody escape my lips as I hum your oh so sweet tune
let me beat box the bass like I imagine our bodies doing
straight 808s no heartbreaks
-“Now that’s how you let the beat build”-
let me meal over the words in my head and make up the ones I don’t know
do do do do doooo,
do do do do doooo, …love… care…I want… your hair/near/dear?
Either way it works
Let me just admire the artist for a moment
Round of applause and Michael Jackson standing ovation moment
Did I tell you I was your number one fan, no really your number one, number one fan
Music must be a woman
I can’t stop humming her tune
I’m sure
no 110% positive
that women has to be you
Disc 1….
C.C. Malachi the Poet