Quote of the Week- C. Nzingha Smith

"You can think about doing it or you can get it done." C. Nzingha Smith

The time and energy put into thinking about doing something is often more exhausting than actually completing the task. It's easy to get caught up in our heads. Anticipating the outcome, fear, dread and possibly even laziness and procrastination can hold us up. Keeping the task in our minds without acting on it causes us to remain unfocused. Until the task is complete our energy will be split meaning we are not really able to put a 100% in anything else we are doing because a part of our thoughts are still dedicated to the uncompleted task. 

This week I'm challenging myself to get out of my head and just produce. Instead of thinking about having to get up when the alarm clock goes off and hitting snooze until it rejects my request, I'm just rolling over and starting the day instead. I normally blog on Monday's and this week, while I knew I needed it to, I let the thought stay in my mind absorbing my energy verses just stopping and taking a few minutes to get it done. Right now I'm on deadline for a few projects and it's crunch time, so realistically there is no way I can afford to have my energy split. I need a relentless focus now more than ever. I haven't been focused because there are too many undone things on my to-do list sucking up and splitting my energy in too many directions. 

Thinking about doing the thing is not only exhausting but it also leaves you feeling overwhelmed which in turns makes you feel discouraged and less likely to actually act. One small uncompleted task can be detrimental to your productivity. This week challenge yourself to not add anything to your list until you check something off. Piling up things to make yourself appear busy or to convince yourself you are getting things done is counter productive. It's been proven that we are only realistically only able to handle between three to five things at a time. Set yourself up for success by stopping and getting one thing done at a time before you move on to the next task to ensure you are able to get the results you want by giving it all your focus.

Have a successful week and remember it's all in your head. While you are sitting there thinking about it, it takes less time and energy to just knock it out. Get busy!

~C. Nzingha