Quote of the Week- Henry Ford

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goals." -Henry Ford

What are you looking at? I have had to constantly ask myself this question over the course of the last few weeks. The answer has been; all the wrong things lately. I'm racing to complete tasks I have let pile up but that can't go undone and into the new year. As of late, I have allowed myself to get distracted by the insignificant. One "no", a disinterested blogger, no feedback from a book club, etc.

We by human nature are prone to the negative first and it takes four positives to negate one negative statement or experience. A rejection, an isolated  "not interested" or a single opt out of my newsletter, seemed as if I was allowing these small things to tip my scale way too much. As I have become aware of it, I realize I was losing focus on the bigger picture. Does one "no", one rejection, one opt out really matter in the grand scheme of things? Not in real life, when there have been a larger, more significant number of interested, excited clients and customers who have found value in my products and services. Is one bad comment or rejection going to matter when the numbers are in the thousands, hundreds of thousands and then the millions? Not so much.

Everyday I have to tune into my focus and make sure I am clear on where I am striving to get to and this helps me not become easily distracted by the obstacles which arise daily if not by the hour. As I mentioned last week as a writer, business owner and dreamer the road to success is not a sprint, it is a marathon and like any good runner, we have to keep our minds focused on the finish line ahead. Maintaining focus and having clear goals are essential in being successful and reaching the finish line. Maintain your focus this week and only give energy and attention to the things that truly matter in the end.

What are you looking at? How do you maintain your focus? Let me know your thoughts!