In Real Life: Feeling Poetic

The shape that reflection takes when thinking of the men whom catch my eyes wide open...

"That Intangible Thing"

If it were a woman,
I would be able to compete.
How do you go to war with that intangible thing?
His passion.
For him you are secondary,
his loyalty is to that thing.
Whatever it is...he fancies.
Be it money, music, life or freedom.
Selfish of you to ask him to choose.
In real life the choice will never be you.
Live or let live.
Accept it.
Love it & him,
or you will have to seek love elsewhere
with the one who lacks ambition to accomplish anything.
So, you mean the only option is to embrace that thing?
Yes, the key to his heart,
is in him seeing your love & support,
for his intangible thing.
*Deep Sigh*