Fashion Babble: Men's Esse7ntials by Kint'e

Celebrity fashion stylist, Kint'e of TLOV gave styling tips and personal consultations at the "Men Have Style Event" this past Saturday at Macy's in Culver City, CA. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his partner Judi during the event.
According to Kint'e who established TLOV back in 2006, there are 7 Essentials every man should have in his wardrobe.

1.) Black Boots- spruce it up or make them causal, they show versatility
2.) Black Tailored Blazer- in spring & summer try a trendy white one, it's ultra chic
3.) Watch- a nice one's always a great accent
4.) Great jeans- blue, low rise & fitted or for the simple man, relaxed fit
5.) Scarves- tie in a Tie Knot, Wrap or wear End-to-End
6.) Sunglasses- Two pair, causual & sporty/dressy...a pair that fits both your face and personality well
7.) Ties- the universal accent, have fun with them or make a bold statement
Kint'e I need to add an 8th one!
*8.) Signature Scent(s)- we want to smell you too, entice all our senses!

Dear Gents,
"There is nothing like a well dressed man. NOTHING. You don't have to be suited and booted all the time, but there is a way to be casual and stylish. Dressing for your age and your body are the two most important factors."
-C. *cute smirk*

Check out Kint'e and TLOV online @ lookbookla.com, search Kint'e under stylists or check him out @ Modelmayhem.com/778425. He specializes in wardroe styling, image consulting and editorial styling.

Here's to the return of the "gents"( a stylish manly man, not to be confused w/ the metro) Cheers!