Five Celibacy Tips: Staying the Course

Celibacy is a lifestyle choice. A difficult one that requires tremendous focus, discipline and self-control. However, living a celibate lifestyle is doable and highly rewarding. When you make the decision to become celibate it means you also have to change your lifestyle habits if you want to remain celibate and have a successful experience. T
he flesh is weak and if you can limit putting yourself in situations where the temptation is higher, you should. Not dating during your time of celibacy, however, I feel is a disservice to the experience. How can you grow in faith and dependence on God, if you don't have opportunities to seek him when you are weak? It's easy to be celibate when there is no temptation present. It is much more challenging and rewarding to grow and mature in your decision by resisting the temptation whenever it occurs. It can be done. It's being done and it is an extremely beneficial experience, if you stay the course and know why you are doing it. By God's grace you will be able to stay with it. One day at a time. Celebrate all small victories! Here are five tips to help you successfully stay on your celibacy journey to the end.

Five Tips to Stay Celibate:
1.) Stay connected to God and ask Him for help when you are tempted.
2.) Be serious when you make the decision and don't try, decide and hold yourself accountable. Setting goals and being deliberate about your decision will make the experience much more meaningful.
3.) Don't put yourself in situations which make it harder for you to resist the temptation.
4.) If you fall off, get back on track. Ask for forgiveness and don't beat yourself up if you fall off.
5.) Be truthful with yourself and God about your feelings and desires.

With Love & Gratitude,
~C. Nzingha